A One-Two Punch

Tackling climate crisis + economic inequality

Launching One Stop Shop, a statewide platform that provides households in California access to clean energy equity programs — innovations that combat both the climate crisis and economic inequality.

Blue State
GRID Alternatives
My Role
Lead UX Designer
One Stop Shop is a fully responsive website.
The Challenge

Make State Ecosystem Resources Accessible

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) One-Stop-Shop (OSS) Pilot Project is a statewide effort to provide expanded, streamlined access to California’s ecosystem of low-carbon equity programs. How do we help low-income California households access the state’s ecosystem of low-carbon equity programs that fight climate change and economic inequality?

One Stop Shop
This project involved the participation of several community based organizations including Blue Lake Rancheria in Humboldt County and SEIU chapters in Los Angeles.
Our Process

Let's Dive In

Stakeholder Kickoff

We worked with community based organizations (CBOs) to build an understanding of how communities view clean transportation, their decision making processes around mobility, and their technology behaviors.

Example findings from our discovery report.


We conducted 19 in-depth interviews with people from a range of communities. Through this research, we made strategic design recommendations about how OSS can:

  1. support people’s decision making process as they consider buying a vehicle
  2. build trust in the programs being offered
  3. address the concerns that people have with clean vehicles

Prototype Testing

We conducted one round of low-fidelity prototyping that tested two different interaction models. This helped us identify a conceptual framework for how people interact with the website from which we could begin designing discrete features and functionality.

Building the MVP

Our team worked with key stakeholders to carry out an Organizational Priorities Workshop where we used a scoring system to identify the features and functionality that would be developed for the MVP. To meet the three-month MVP deadline, we implemented an aggressive sprint cycle that allowed the designers, engineers, and copywriters to work in a collaborative and iterative process.

Beta Testing

GRID Alternatives, the administrators of One Stop Shop, carried out a two month test of the MVP with five community-based organizations and their community members. They collected quantitative and qualitative data to help identify improvements that will prepare OSS for a wider beta launch. Here's a story they shared with out team:

An applicant from Huntington Park originally thought she was not eligible for any programs. The family relied on a pickup truck with more than 200k miles to transport the family. Her son is disabled, needing a wheelchair, so her preferred car is a van. Using One Stop Shop, we found that she was eligible for up to $9500 to purchase an EV after trading in her truck. She began crying ‘happy tears’ when she found out she was closer to getting a better vehicle to meet her family’s needs!


GRID Alternatives is focused on integrating additional platform programs and we will officially launch sometime in 2020.

My Role

Lead UX Designer

I led customer research and prototype testing and designed wireframes throughout the MVP and Beta phases. I collaborated with a cross-functional team at Blue State which included visual designers, copywriters, front-end and back-end developers, and program and product managers.

I worked closely with stakeholders that included California Air Resources Board, GRID Alternatives, program administrators from more than six LCTE programs, and five advocate community-based organizations.

If you enjoyed learning about the project, check out this interview with Zach Franklin, Chief Strategy Officer at GRID Alternatives.

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